About Me

How it all came together

Fashion isn’t just the clothes you wear; it is a cocoon that takes you through the ordeals of everyday life with glam and swag. It is an art that encourages you to be bold, fearless and above all be yourself. I strongly believe this is what attracts me to the love for fabrics and costumes in the first place. Playing dress up always fascinated me, right from a young age, and it never really stopped, even until today.

Going shopping with my mother lighted up this spark for creating clothes and I nurtured that spark ever since. I always knew I would make this passion into a career. I also knew this path I have chosen wasn’t going to be easy, but I chose to sashay down this road in style anyway. And so I created my own brand, MAYO, in 2014.

The unique styles that build my brand

My love for the process

The basic ethos of MAYO is to bring colorful, unique, and new fashion to the forefront. It is to bring distinct clothes to customers who know they have the one and only piece. The thought of having a single design for every item got me excited. It helps to keep things original and one-of-a-kind. So I worked to harness this idea and build a brand that can proudly state every piece of item is unique.

Ever since this insight, my collections always possess distinctive cuts and exclusive designs that make them unique. After all finding beauty in the extraordinary, that is much more interesting. 

You might think that coming up with innovative designs and creating clothes from scratch is an exhausting process, but it all boils down to my love for the entire process. It is the sheer passion and infatuation with all things clothes that carries me forward. I first create the cloth by choosing the fabric and then proceed to the sewing process. I also take active part in adding those finishing touches that ultimately gives the outfit its look and shape.

I really hope you enjoy wearing the clothes as much as I did making them. They are all put together with commitment, persistence and love for the art. life’s too short to wear boring clothes anyway.

People are going to stare so you might as well make it worth their time.